Oatbarton Brew, Traditional English Ale - Southfarthing fra GOOD GEORGE BREWING
Navn Oatbarton Brew, Traditional English Ale - Southfarthing
Første bryg
Øl type Hobbit øl
Alkoholprocent 5%

The Hobbit™ Southfarthing™ range is only available from Hobbiton™ Movie Set and traditionally brewed right here in Middle-earth™, New Zealand. Served from the barrels of The Green Dragon™ Inn, the Southfarthing range captures the taste of The Shire™, home of the Hobbits.

Oatbarton™ Brew, Traditional English Ale
Colour: Black
Smell: Chocolate, coffee, vanilla
Taste: Roastieness, chocolate

Intended to emulate the beer styles of Olde England, this dark ale has strong malty tones. With a balance of cocoa and coffee, our traditional ale is enough to beer hair on anyones feet.

ABV: 5%

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